I changed the yellow Sketch app icon on my Mac to a sexy black 😎

I took this icon from my post about dark version of apps.

I used this plugin in order to change icon on my mac, but icon change to default when I close app.

Download plugin for Sketch. Change Sketch icon to black: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j5k8z01q585cueo/Sketch%20Black%20Logo%20Plugin.zip?dl=0

Another way:

I think I can make it something like this and it will work better: https://www.codingforentrepreneurs.com/blog/create-icns-icons-for-macos-apps

Download black icon for Sketch app:

Earlier, I made “Don’t slouch” app by using this great thing https://teachablemachine.withgoogle.com/v1/#:

It’s time to make a more suitable application. You hear a sound when you touch your face:

I’m going to try to make this as a standalone application in order to use it in my life. Now I can’t use it because Chrome block this when I switch the tab. I will make it for others, but I need more data, it works only for me now.

I tried dark mode on my iMac, but currently I don’t like how it looks. The colors very contrast and my eyes said “no”. The same thing on iPhone.

They use clear white and black. I tried to make more comfortable view by screens of our application.

The first screen…

17:33 — Hm, what if AI can look at me and say that my posture is not correct now.

17:46 — Googling…

18:04 — I’ve made a prototype! 👆

I found this great project https://teachablemachine.withgoogle.com/. I knew about it, but I’ve never used.

I used my webcam and I made 2 states. Green — my posture is ok. Red — wrong posture. I made some photos with wrong and good posture and added them to the appropriate category.

How it looks

Aaaand how it works:

Green — it’s ok, silent. Red — Do not slouch!

Now, I just left this tab in my browser and I’m working as usual. But sometimes I can hear trombone and I change my posture immediately.

Sometimes I need some small apps which can helps me to do something. I used to create web pages and open it on my iPhone, but it works bad and you always need the Internet. So I decided to try Swift and make my iOS app.

I’m a designer, but…

How to work with requests step by step and don’t lose something important. I usually start with a situation. This is an important point.

You should think about your app through real situations. How they solve the problems now, how your app will help them.

Don’t forget about competitors. Take…

Artem Moiseev

UX/UI designer

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